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2020 was a year of change for everyone. Due to the Covid   situation, all of the TESOL courses at English for Asia are currently online. Saying this does cause some confusion and misunderstanding. Despite the change in delivery, the number of contact hours remains the same as when the courses are conducted face-to-face at the centre. The 130 contact hours on the TESOL course does exceed the minimum requirements e.g. from Education Bureau who require 100 contact hours for a course to meet their requirements for the primary NET scheme and the TESOL more than fulfills this.

Whilst there is a self paced, self learning element to the course, timetabled input sessions are live with a course tutor over Zoom and the observed/supervised teaching practice is live over Nail nail. So, there is no need to have concerns over the delivery of the courses as the delivery is exactly the same as if it was in the centre, except over Nail nail. In July 2021, we began to phase in face to face (in-person) teaching practice by allowing 2 out of the 6 teaching practice lessons to be conducted at English for Asia.

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In 2020, we essentially moved to delivering the TESOL online because of the covid-19 situation and its gone very well. We’ve also achieved a social responsibility goal and the courses are now for all intents and purposes, 'paperless'. Some of us in the team are moving on for one reason or another, it’s a shame but c’est la vie. Nevertheless we’ve had a noticeable increase in the numbers of trainees on part time and full time courses during the year, an indication that people are still enthusiastic about teaching.

There are those people who are still thinking about it and to help you make the decision of whether to take a course or not, you need to do your research. You will find that with a little effort on google and reading what you find will answer 99% of the questions you might want to ask. To begin with, have a look at the Trinity College London TESOL website, which will give you an outline of the courses, the entry requirements and the course content. should answer your questions about the courses and give you an idea of which course might be the most suitable for you.

This can be important as some people would like to do a certain course, but don’t meet the requirements and find this out when they make the application. A lot of time can be saved by doing research and reading about the TESOLcourses before making the application or finding the time to make a call. If you’ve found the right course for you, then take the next step and look at the English for Asia website, which will give you more of a tailored view of the courses as delivered by English for Asia and will provide you with access to the application form.

We have a wide range of people complete the course in any one year, varying in age qualifications and cultural backgrounds.


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